Going through a divorce is stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. Among those ways is to hire a mediator who can help divorcing partners communicate with one other. This can often prevent lengthy — and expensive — court battles, and can keep the divorce as amicable as possible. But is mediation right for your situation? What kinds of benefits can you really get from this type of dispute resolution? Here are four of the biggest benefits you and your spouse may see from the divorce mediation process.

4 Big Benefits of the Divorce Mediation Process

1. An Equitable Division of Property

Making sure property is divided fairly can be difficult during a divorce. Especially if there is a lot of animosity, one spouse may try to keep the other one from getting the house, cars, money, or other assets. The mediation process can help both spouses work through these problems, so property really is divided fairly. Even if the partners don’t always agree, or like the agreement they come to, they can recognize that the agreement is fair to both of them.

2. Agreements on Custody and Support

Agreeing on child support and custody matters can be one of the most contentious issues for any divorcing couple. With good mediation services, both partners can work through their disagreements so they are able to come to terms that are best for their children. Putting kids first is something most parents want to do, but during a divorce it can be harder to let grievances against the other partner go long enough to see what’s truly right for the children.

3. Family Relationships That Stay Stronger

A divorce ends a legal relationship, but there may be much more to the issue than just the legalities of it. The well-being of young children, long-time friendships, good relationships with in-laws, business dealings, and other areas of life can be disrupted when a couple decides on a divorce. With mediation services, both partners can work together more easily, even if they don’t always agree or don’t even like one another anymore. Reducing anger and fighting between the divorcing partners can make maintaining other family relationships less stressful.

4. Fewer Detrimental Effects, Overall

A family’s assets, time, emotional health, and other issues can all be affected by divorce. When a legal mediation process is undertaken, the overall detriment to the family is reduced. That can mean better emotional and mental health, more money left for expenses, and happier people who can handle life’s issues more easily. Mediation doesn’t guarantee an easy time during a divorce, but it provides the opportunity for separating couples to address issues in ways that can make things easier for everyone involved.

For couples who aren’t sure about the process of divorce, or who can’t agree on many of the issues surrounding it, mediation can be the right answer. Exploring that option is an excellent way to take some of the stress and difficulty out of an already uncomfortable time. With some effort, couples can come to terms that they agree on, and move forward in as healthy of a way as possible.

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