Divorce disputes can be long and adversarial. Mediation provides a clear alternative. In mediation, the two sides work with a mediator to calmly and reasonably discuss the dispute without assigning blame. The setting can be a private office or even online. The process takes away the high stress and drama surrounding the court experience, leading to better personal results for all family members involved.

Mediation Lowers Confrontation and Leads to Personalized Solutions

Instead of the hostility of court, you can come to a table and a conversation. Instead of trying to prove right and wrong, you can discuss what property settlement makes sense for both of you. And instead of arguing over your children in open court, you can both talk through what will work for their best interests in a private setting.

Divorce is highly emotional. You are often arguing over some of the most personal issues in life, from your living arrangements to how often you will be with your children. In mediation, the alternate setting serves to move both sides past any dramatic and unhelpful confrontations. You can sit down with a mediator who will help both sides set aside emotions and work through the real issues. You can then come to a practical solution for these deeply personal subjects.

Despite your current disagreements, you and your (former) spouse know best what will work for your lives and what will not. An honest conversation about dividing assets or managing the children’s schedules will be much more effective than having a judge order a preset solution. Mediation puts both parties in a position to make decisions yourselves. When you are making these decisions with the help of a mediator, then any special considerations important to your family can easily become part of your unique agreement.

If you want to find workable solutions to the problems facing your family in a calm and private setting, mediation may provide the solution for you. To learn more, please contact us.