What is Elder and Adult Care MediationElder care and adult care mediation is a collaborative problem-solving process facilitated by a mediator who acts as a neutral third party to assist older adults and their families navigate the challenges of aging.

The process of making these life-changing decisions can often be overwhelming and can sometimes cause conflict within families when trying to make these decisions.  The mediation process can help ease the stress of navigating the process by helping families address issues including health and medical care, end of life care, family caregiving, caregiving schedules, and expenses, living arrangements, property maintenance, finances, family business transactions, guardianship decisions, driving concerns, and probate matters such as wills, estates, trusts, and property distribution.

Elder and adult care mediation can enable proactive families to reach quality, respectful discussions that lead to the consideration of emerging opportunities that can result in reaching a cooperative agreement that is beneficial for all family members as well as resolving any current conflict or potential future conflict that could potentially tear them apart both financially and emotionally.