Many people instantly think of divorce when they hear the word mediation. But there are other reasons to seek mediation. If you’re a member of the “sandwich generation” caught between your aging parents and your own children or grandchildren, online mediation may be beneficial for you. Here are three reasons to use online mediation for extended family issues.

Beyond Divorce: Online Mediation For Extended Family Issues

Reduce arguments

Your aging mother wishes to remain in her home until her death. You believe it’s unsafe for her to live alone, but you can’t take her in. Your sister wants to put her in a nursing home. Your brother thinks she should be allowed to live at home if she wants. The four of you could argue over this until your mother’s passing, but what good is that?

Online mediation gives you a neutral, unbiased third party to help navigate the discussion. Your mediator will hear all sides, and try to find the common ground between you and areas where you can compromise. Your mediator will also keep everyone on track and bring the discussion back to the point if you start going off on unrelated tangents.

Make sure everything is covered

When you first realize that it’s not safe for your mother to live alone, you might seek mediation to try to convince everyone that she needs a full-time caregiver or to go into a nursing home. But the situation is much more complex than that. You need to think about things like health and medical care, living expenses, end of life measures, what to do with the property she owns, and more.

Many families don’t immediately think of all the related concerns. An online mediator will help to ensure that you cover all the bases so that nothing is left to chance or completely ignored. Probate matters, guardianship, and finances are just a few of the things that can be handled through online mediation.

Involve the whole family

There was a time when entire families were born and died in the same town for generations. Today, though, families are scattered throughout the country and across the world. But distance should not be a reason that a loved one isn’t included in the decision making process. Online mediation is an ideal way of ensuring that all the family members who need or want a say in how a relative is cared for can be involved.

Online mediation allows you to schedule mediation that’s convenient for everyone and doesn’t require anyone to travel. It can also be helpful if you have small children and no childcare available. It can also provide a buffer if one or more parties doesn’t get along well.

Online mediation isn’t just for couples splitting up custody and property. Mediation allows entire families to have a respectful discussion and take action to care for a loved one. It allows you to make life-altering decisions without destroying the fabric of your family. Contact us today to schedule your online mediation appointment.