Many parents go through mediation in order to get their divorce settled quickly and efficiently. However, one of the worst parts of dividing up everything is figuring out who should get your children and when. In fact, it can really slow a divorce down. However, it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips to help you decide child custody while you are undergoing mediation.

Divorce Mediation: Tips to Decide Child Custody

Think about your children and their needs. Depending on the ages of your children, they may have different needs. If they are babies, they are going to need their mother, especially if she is breastfeeding.

If they are struggling in school, they are going to need the parent who is best able to help them with it. If they are teenage boys, they may need their father to help them negotiate this stage.

Also, think about who has the time. Even if your children need their father, if you work twelve hour days, you aren’t going to be able to spend the time with them that they need. However, you may want to take them on your days off.

If your wife stayed home to raise them until they went to school, you may want to support her so she can continue to do so.

Work together and be flexible. Once you have a child custody and visitation schedule figured out, it doesn’t mean that it can’t change. If you are both willing to work together and be flexible, it can only help your children.

If it is your weekend, but there is a wedding on the other side of the family, you need to be big enough to let them go. They deserve the experience. If you have a week of vacation and you want to spend it with your children, you can only hope that your ex-spouse will allow you to. By being flexible, you are giving your children the best of both worlds.

It can be hard to give up your children, but it is important that you think about them and their needs. You also need to be realistic with your own abilities. You may not be everything that your children need at this time. They may need you more later.

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