One of the hardest parts of divorce is determining exactly who should have your children and when. Nobody wants to feel like they are losing their children just because their marriage didn’t work out.

However, if you decide to go through mediation, it is important that you bring a clear head. You need to work together to figure out what is best for your children, or you will end up in court.

Here are some tips to determine child custody during mediation.

Divorce Mediator: Tips to Decide Child Custody

It is important that you think about who they spend more time with. In most families, responsibilities are split between a couple. That is also true for children. However, when determining who should have the children and when you really need to look at yourself and your spouse. Who helps them with their homework every night? Who makes sure that they get baths and eats right? Who practices sports with them?

This being said, you both have your own time with your children so your custody arrangement should show that. If you are the one who gets them up for school and on the bus, you probably should have the children during the week. If you play sports with them on the weekends, it makes more sense for you to have them on the weekends.

And who has the time for them. Everyone has to work, so it is important to realize when you have time for your children. If you work fourteen-hour days, they might be better off with your spouse during the week. If you work weekends, there is no point in hiring a babysitter when they could just stay with your spouse during that time.

Though you may not want to give up your children, you need to take a hard look at your life. You need to figure out who does what with them and when you each have time for the children. This can be hard to do, but it is in the best interest of your children!

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