Divorces are some of the most stressful times any person can go through, as there is a mountain of emotional, familial, and legal issues both persons will have to go through. Why should you go through all those hurdles and hoops to detach yourself from the person you can no longer be with?

The Pros and Cons of Online Mediation

Online mediation is a relatively recent innovation in the unfortunate business of divorce and it uses modern tools and techniques to get a clean break in marriages that just aren’t working out. Online mediation isn’t all that different from in-person mediation, but there are differences between the two that you ought to consider before making a choice between them.

The Pros of Online Mediation

  • Scheduling is much easier.
    • By the virtue of having an online mediator, you, your partner, and the online mediator can more easily coordinate your schedules so that an online meeting can be set up without having to worry about driving here or there or missing out on your child’s recital.
  • It’s less confrontational.
    • Because online mediation happens on the internet, you can be as far away from your partner as you wish. This distance can facilitate a less confrontational environment for you and your partner. In addition to that, because you’d be hosting the mediation online, you may feel more relaxed talking to or about your partner than if they were in the same room as you are.

The Cons of Online Mediation

  • It’s not a traditional meeting.
    • Some folks will have a harder time adjusting to a virtual mediator than they would with one they can talk to face-to-face. If they can’t communicate with a virtual mediator as well as they would with a mediator in-person, than the quality of their communications and the result of the mediation will be likely be worse.
  • Tech Requirements
    • Because online mediation happens online, both partners need a strong and stable internet connection to begin with. If that isn’t available to either partners, than online mediation is not going to work out as well as in-person mediation would.

There are of course other pros and cons to online mediation, but they are no different than what you’d get from an in-person meeting with a mediator. If online mediation sounds like what you need, then please contact us today so we can work together today.