Even if you have a contentious relationship with your ex (or soon-to-be ex), you likely understand the importance for your children to have two involved parents. This alone might be enough of a motivating factor to convince you to consider co-parenting peacefully, even in the midst of a divorce.

So, what if you don’t get along with your child’s other parent? These tips will help you get through the divorce process while co-parenting effectively.

Tips for Co-Parenting During and After Divorce

Build Strong Communication Skills

Even if you struggle to communicate about the divorce or the assets involved in separation, you may be willing to compromise when it comes to the children. Communicate clearly with each other without using your child as a mediator or messenger. Decide together if you will communicate via text message, email, or phone. When you do communicate with your ex-spouse, avoid discussing custody, visitation, or child support. Some ex-spouses even go to therapy together to learn stronger communication skills, so you may consider going this route too.

Be Consistent When Possible

One of the best things you can do as co-parents is appear united to your children. You can do this by developing a plan of action and sticking to it. A parenting plan is a great way to establish consistency for your children and your ex-spouse. In your parenting plan, you would be wise to mention everything from how you will exchange custody to what rules and punishments you have in your homes.

Consider Mediation with a Professional

Mediation is available to help you establish boundaries, resolve family disputes, distribute property equitably, and reach agreements in such a way that you minimize any detrimental effects on your children. A professional mediator can walk you through the process to set you up for co-parenting success.

Ultimately, one of the best things you can do is remind yourself why you are doing this: your children. You don’t have to rebuild a strong relationship with your ex-spouse, but you can certainly establish the skills you need to co-parent effectively. Mediation can help. Contact us to learn more.