When a marriage isn’t working, it can affect everyone involved very negatively. In some cases, it is better for everyone if the relationship is ended amicably so that each side has the opportunity to get past the problems they’ve experienced as a result of the relationship. Many couples find themselves in a situation in which a clean break is difficult to achieve, and for people with children or complicated financial situations, long-lasting damage can occur in traditional divorce proceedings. It doesn’t have to be this complicated, and those who desire to begin the process of separating from their spouse, while still maintaining a healthy level of communication, should appreciate what the mediation process has to offer.

Why Divorce Mediation Might be the Best Strategy for Your Marriage

The Shortcomings of Traditional Methods of Divorce

Many people who decide that they wish to separate from their spouse, might find a lawyer and begin the divorce process as quickly as possible so that they can just get on with their lives. This is not always the best course of action, as it creates a situation where both sides are represented by someone who’s only concern is to deliver the most valuable outcome to their client, and after cases are made by both parties, their lives are ultimately split up based on a decision made by a Judge. Such an impersonal process can often exacerbate the situation and may ultimately cause a lot more animosity than necessary. Marriage is an extremely personal relationship and it would make sense that any attempt to repair or end one should be handled in a personal manner. Allowing a third party to dictate the terms of a divorce may not be the best way for everyone to deal with something like this, which is why it is important that every resource available to a married couple is explored.

The Value of the Mediation Process

Many of the weaknesses found with the traditional methods of divorce are actually the greatest strengths of mediation. When you and your spouse begin this process, you will be guided by a trained professional and by a mutual understanding to respect one another and maintain civility so that the best possible situation can be planned for and attained. When both parties are able to work through their relationship issues as a cooperative and are less inclined to see each other as enemies, they may begin to see the value of working with each other in a more personal and genuine fashion. A struggling marriage is hard enough to deal with, and people are considering divorce should look into this process if they desire to work on an ongoing relationship or end things on relatively good terms, be it for the well being of themselves, their children, or anything else impacted by their relationship. If this process sounds like it would be beneficial to you and your relationship with your spouse, or if you have any questions about mediation please do not hesitate to contact us.