Mediation is an alternative resolution process used to help parties reach equitable, agreed upon settlements without litigation in areas of divorce and civil disputes.

The goals of using mediation are much different from traditional litigation as the parties have a unique opportunity of becoming the authors of their own outcome instead of the court system making decisions for them.

Mediation also offers the benefit of usually taking less time and less money to complete the process than that of traditional litigation.

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How It Works

The mediator acts as a facilitator, a neutral third party that will help navigate the parties through the process, allowing them to identify issues that need to be resolved, prioritize decisions and come to equitable agreements in all areas of the dissolution of their marriage or an agreed upon resolution to their civil dispute.

The process takes place in a confidential setting and is voluntary. Each participant is involved in the outcome of their resolution which should reduce or eliminate the need for further court proceedings as well as fostering a positive communication style moving forward in cases that involve parents with children.

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